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  • In Microsoft Visio 2013, you could export hyperlinks on background pages to PDF, and they worked flawlessly. The same does not appear to be true in Visio 2016. I have Visio Pro 2016 at home and at work. This issue persists for both licenses.

    I think this is a bug, but I'm not sure how to report a bug to Microsoft. On the other hand, if it's operator error, I'd like to know what I might be doing wrong between Visio 2013, where it worked every time, and Visio 2016 where it never works.

    Please do not confuse the issue I'm reporting with exporting hyperlinks in regular pages from Visio 2016 to PDF. That works just fine. It's hyperlinks on background pages that appear to be the issue. I haven't fully adopted Visio 2016 because of this issue. In fact, continue to use my older Visio 2013 license, though I installed Visio 2016 months ago.

    Bill Graham

    jeudi 14 décembre 2017 20:06

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  • Hi Bill,

    In Visio 2016, how did you create the hyperlink in the drawing?

    When you create a new page and set the hyperlink page to background page in Visio 2016, can you directly click the hyperlink in new page? 

    I tried to add the page which contains the hyperlink as background for new page, the hyperlink will not work for clicking in new page. Please check it in your side.


    Winnie Liang

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    vendredi 15 décembre 2017 09:11
  • Thank you for the quick reply, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I created the hyperlink in the background page. This method worked fine in Visio 2013, but does not appear to work in Visio 2016.

    If I want a hyperlink to work in Visio 2016, I have to create it in a standard page. When I hover over a hyperlink that's on a background page, in Visio or the resultant PDF output, it is not active. If I do exactly the same thing in Visio 2013, it's active in the standard pages that use the background page. The exported output to PDF works just fine for Visio 2013.

    Your experience with Visio 2016 appears to verify what I described above. Thank you for verifying the issue. It would be nice if the bug were obliterated beyond the far reaches of this universe. :)

    Bill Graham

    jeudi 21 décembre 2017 20:04
  • Same issue with my Visio 2016 instance.  Very frustrating bug.  Adding in comment hoping that it will bubble back up on Microsoft's radar but I'm not hopeful.

    In presenting a process flow, I want to navigate across different pages and often back to a main page.  I setup a background with a link back to the main page and was frustrated to find that the links in the background page don't work!

    mercredi 21 mars 2018 15:41
  • Just piling on here, same disappointing problem as you.  This means more work in putting links on every page of my design.  Hate that.

    jeudi 17 mai 2018 19:46
  • Adding a log onto the fire - irritating to have to revert back to copy and paste work when previously it was not necessary.
    jeudi 30 août 2018 21:23