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  • i have a "integer" datatype in one column also have a only one string data!!!

    how to set a limit like "columnname"<'String'....

    retreive all the row data before that string???



    lundi 9 avril 2018 13:41

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  • AFAIK you can not. 

    Explanation: The columns in a database are not ordered, which one is "before" the next can be changed by just modifying the order of the columns in your SELECT statemtent. This means that there is no natural order on the columns which in return means that you cannot do this. 

    What you could do (although honestly I am not sure if this really answers your question) is build a dynamic SQL statement, by composing a SQL string, querying the columns from the sys.columns table and comparing/ordering/filtering the result set to your liking and then executing the generated SQL statement with sp_executesql.

    Benjamin Kettner

    Aaah - sorry, just realized that I misread your questions. I thought that you wanted to select only columns based on the condition. My bad. 
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    mardi 10 avril 2018 09:36
  • Hi Ganesh pitchai,

    The less than is used to compare two expression. The expression is any valid expression, both expression must have implicitly convertible data types.

    See: <= (Less Than or Equal To) (Transact-SQL)

    In your scenario, how to make the query work depends on which type of your 'columnname'

    Assume it is a int type, you have to use CAST or Convert function before you do the comparison.

    For example:

    declare @test as table (item1 int, item2 varchar(20))
    insert into @test values (1,'a'),(2,'b'),(3,'c')
    select * from @test where Cast(item1 as varchar(20))<'b'

    Check if you need more help.


    Pirlo Zhang

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    mardi 10 avril 2018 09:37
  • sounds like what you're looking is this

    LEN(Columnname) >= LEN('yourstring')

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    mardi 10 avril 2018 10:06