Migration from MIIS to FIM


  • We are planning migration from MIIS to FIM2010.

    We use MIIS for galsync and password sync.

    We have already FIM in our domain.

    If we import mailbox to FIM metavese , I think  there is no side effect if we do not export contacts to each ADs.

    We would like to do Join test of existing contact object to avoid contact recreation when migration.

    If we import mailbox to metaverse and do join test of exisiting contact to imported metaverse object, how could I avoid negative impact on production environment ?

    I though if we uncheck the synchronization target OU which contacts will be created after join test, contacts are disconnected and there will be no effect on production environment ?

    jeudi 16 mai 2013 21:48


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  • Hi,

    Are you migrating your current MIIS server to FIM 2010? Meaning are you planning to install FIM using the current MIIS database? If so, all obejcts from the current environment will exists and already synchronized in the Metaverse: FIM REFERENCE: Migrate from MIIS or ILM to FIM 2010

    If you are planning to install FIM from scratch and re-import all users from all forests you can then make the test mentioned where you sould select only the user/s OU to import for the test and leave in the target OU only the contact/s for the test.

    The steps should be (example on two forests):

    1. Un-check "Enable Provisioning Rules Extension" (from the tools --> options)

    2. full import (stage only) from ForestA MA

    3. full import (stage only) from  ForestB MA

    4. full synchronization from ForestA MA (Project users of ForestA)

    5. full synchronization from ForestB MA (Project users of ForestB and Join contacts of ForestA)

    6. full synchronization from ForestA MA (Join contacts of ForestB)

    7. Re-check "Enable Provisioning Rules Extension"

    Remark: of course, each MA is a Source and also a Target

    You will find all the information needed for GALSync in the following link: Global Address List Synchronization (GalSync) Resources

    Patrick Layani

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    mardi 28 mai 2013 19:54
  • Why we have to Un-check "Enable Provisioning Rules Extension" ?

    When you are populating the FIM Metaverse for the first time, you need to disable provisioning so that all of the metaverse objects in all of your source/target systems can be joined prior to the provisioning logic being evaluated.

    If you didn't have this on, you would likely get "object already exists" provisioning errors in Step 4, as FIM would be trying to provision every object from A into B, even if they already existed. This occurs because the objects haven't had a chance to join up.

    - Ross Currie | MCTS: FIM 2010 | Now Offering ECMA1->ECMA2 Upgrade Services

    vendredi 31 mai 2013 07:26
  • Thank you.

    1 Un-check "Enable Provisioning Rules Extension" enable to ignore to call provision function of MV rule extension ?

    2 Do you mean , at first import and sync users  to metaverse without provisionning, and then try to import and join existing contact ?

    3 If we fail to join contact object, is therer any negative impact to production environment if we delete those GALMA and CS objects of FIM ?


    mercredi 5 juin 2013 02:24
  • 1 and 2 - This is correct. When you are starting from scratch on an existing environment (source and target) you have to Project and Join without a Provisioning rule.

    3 - Contacts will be deleted only if they exist first in the Metaverse (Deletion rule won't be triggered on objects that aren't projected or joined to the Metaverse)

    Patrick Layani

    jeudi 6 juin 2013 19:48
  • Impact will occur only on export step to external data source. Import and Sync steps to FIM doesn't affect external data sources (like AD etc..)

    If you didn't made an export run to AD, you can make a connector spaces deletion on the Management Agent/s (choose the option "connector spaces only") and that will be your rollback.

    Patrick Layani

    dimanche 9 juin 2013 13:23
  • You are safe if you don't make any export.

    You can look objects changes in the "Outbound Synchronization" and see if it fit your expectation before the change occur on the target and only then make the export run.

    In any case, as I mentioned, Import and Sync to FIM without export doesn't affect the target.

    Patrick Layani

    mardi 11 juin 2013 21:53
  • If the join failed for some contacts then these are not imported to FIM at all, and stay as disconnector.

    Patrick Layani

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  • If we Disable Provisioning Rules Extension,

    import attribute flow which flow use rule exetension is ommited ?

    It looks it behave like that. 

    vendredi 5 juillet 2013 05:23