Data from a Sharepoint-hosted Access Database in a Sharepoint Calendar / List?


  • I have searched and cannot find a useful answer to this question.  

    I've build a web-enabled Access 2010 database that I am hosting on SharePoint 2010 using Access Services.  The end users will add information, run reports, etc. through the SharePoint web front-end interfaces we built.

    One of the tables in Access contains information about a test program - there are many tests and each record includes a start date and an end date.  When a tester schedules new tests in Access, they create a record and must put in the planned dates.  I would like to create a calendar view in SharePoint that will allow users to see all the tests in the database in a SharePoint Calendar format.

    When I tried to use the MS Access External Data -> Import & Link ->more -> SharePoint List function, It began deleting my tables one-by one.  I had to restore a backup to get them back.  

    Is there a way that SharePoint can populate a Calendar List with date from my table in Access Services?

     Thanks in advance for your responses
    vendredi 22 juin 2012 14:44