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  • hi,
    I wish talk about the successor at "srp" : "applocker".

    I have hear about this feature on this site :
    and I wish to know if it could benefit of another amazing application :
    "Microsoft's Windows Live Family Safety"
    in other word I want to know if this application will permit us to :
    -be easy to use
    -be controlled remotely
    -be active on some workspace
    -send a request in one click, and allow it in few click
    -permit to know what is installed, when it turn on and on what PC
    -used on all windows

    in addition, can it permit software :
    -of an editor, and prohibits the use of one program of this editor
    -we are sure where they come from or certified.
    -don't write on the chosen hard drive
    -don't use network
    -don't start at the boot of windows

    vendredi 1 mai 2009 10:19


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