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  • I have two identical Dell T110's both running Windows Server Foundation R2.  They are to be situated in two different locations, but I want AD replication over a persistent VPN tunnel (provided by firewalls).  I established the root of the forest and domain on server1.  All well and good, but as soon as I join server2 to that forest/domain, I get Group Policy errors, and dialog boxes (on both servers eventually):

    "Check For Licensing is Incomplete - The server did not finish checking the license compliance".. and loads of DFS errors (14550) amd NETLOGON errors (5781).

    I know that you cannot use child domains with Foundation, and I understand that you can have no more than 15 users TOTAL throughout the forest, but, according to the specs, you should be able to use multiple Foundation servers in a single-forest, single-domain situation.  I don't understand why this mechanism is not working, as it doesn't seem to violate any of the licensing restrictions.

    Any ideas?

    vendredi 24 février 2012 19:15


  • Hello,

    Windows Server Foundation system have some limits on licensing that may affect the replication of AD, such as the number limitation of users and trusts. If your configuration is not compliance with these limits, you may encounter certain unexpected problems. So, it’s recommended that you contact the manufacturer of your computer for more details.


    lundi 27 février 2012 04:55