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  • Hi, I have System Center 2012 Configuration Manager on the server and a support team with 5 Engeneer

    Each Engeneer have on PC with windows 7 and SCCM installed

    The rule of support team is to provide remote support to user(client PC) of my network with SCCM

    The problem is that in my network by default all trafic and port are blocked, and I permit only neccesery traffic with access-list

    So I ned to permir trafic fo SSCM from the server and from support team to all user client computer

    The sever IP is fixed so I have already permit trafic from the server IP to all ip in my network

    But IP adress of suppot team is variable depend on the site where the team are located so I cannont permit IP address

    Please help me to know exact port that are use between Support team PC and client user PC

    I should open those port to permit remote control and remote support for user in my network : thans in advance

    lundi 10 novembre 2014 08:31


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  • Hi,

    Here is a link that may help you.


    L’information n’a de valeur que si elle est partagée!! AK

    lundi 10 novembre 2014 09:12
  • Bonjour,

    Vous pouvez essayer de résoudre votre problème en anglais dans le forum ci-dessous :

    systemcenter 2012 configuration manager


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    lundi 10 novembre 2014 09:36
  • Hi Ahmed and Thanks for the link

    I read it but I would like to know what mean this 2 expression

    • Alternate Port Available


    lundi 10 novembre 2014 10:55
  • Hi,

    Alternate Port Available: that means An alternate port can be defined within Configuration Manager for this value. If a custom port has been defined, substitute that custom port when defining the IP filter information for IPsec policies or for configuring firewalls.

    For example port 80, can be change in in port 8080, or  port 443, with https.

    DYNAMIC: The dynamic port numbers (also known as the private port numbers) are the port numbers that are available for use by any application to use in communicating with any other application, using the Internet's Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).


    L’information n’a de valeur que si elle est partagée!! AK

    lundi 10 novembre 2014 11:28