The SharePoint Timer Service


  • Hello , 

    In FIM Server, i put the account FIMwssSvc for Sharepoint Timer but i had errors in event viewer ? 

    Insufficient SQL database permissions for user 'Name: xxxxxxxxxxx SID: S-x-x-xx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx ImpersonationLevel: Impersonation' in database 'SharePoint_Config_31388a75-...........' on SQL Server instance 'xxxxxxxxx\Sharepoint'. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. 

    The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'proc_GetTimerRunningJobs', database 'SharePoint_Config_31388a75-......', schema 'dbo'.

    Is anyone has this issue ? 

    vendredi 20 décembre 2013 12:44