SharePoint Designer 2010 - Overdue task notification date and time


  • I have created a SPD 2010 workflow where I would like an overdue task notification to trigger. It is working, however, it is triggering on the same day as it is due, instead of waiting until 12:00 AM that day (technically the next day).

    When a Task is Pending


    Set Variable: DueDateOnly to Current Task: Due Date

    then set Variable: DueDateTime to Current Task: Due Date (short date) and Current task Due Date (long time)

    When a Task Expires:

    Email task notification to Current Task: Assigned To

    So, it's triggering the same day the task is due. 

    Example:  Task is due 7/10/18 12:00 AM (the notification is triggering at 2:00 AM on 7/10/18) instead of 12:00 AM on 7/11

    I want to know if I can change this due date time to 11:59 PM. I cannot find where to do this. 


    lundi 9 juillet 2018 21:10

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