Deleting Coordination Action Output Variables in SPD 2013


  • I have a workflow where I have reached the 50 variable limit. I have deleted / consolidated as many variables as possible, but I noticed there are 5 unused variables in the "workflow variables list" when using the "set workflow variable" action. These variables are not located under the local variables option in the menu. All of these variables were created as output variables (Variable: __SharePoint 2010 Output: Variablexyz) when I attempted to use 2010 WF interoperability / coordination actions early in development. I have since deleted those steps, but the variables still remain. I am still at a loss as to where I can delete these variables and get this workflow under 50 variables.

    I have researched this extensively and I am unable to find any solutions. 

    dimanche 11 janvier 2015 21:30

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  • Hi,

    Please go through below articles, might help you


    Prasad Tandel

    lundi 12 janvier 2015 04:06
  • I reviewed these, but there is nothing mentioned regarding how to delete the output variable created by SPD 2013 when creating a workflow interop action. I have 4 or 5 of these output variables that are unused and this has put me over the 50 variable limit. I would definitely appreciate any insight into how to delete these.
    lundi 12 janvier 2015 04:26
  • For future generations that encounter this, here's how I fixed it.  This may be totally unsupported but until MS stops doing stupid stuff like this it is all we have.  It is depressing how little help MS actually offers in the forums.  It took me less than an hour to figure this out.  

    1. map a drive to your site or go to \\servername\davwwwroot or whatever path
    2. look for the wfsvc folder in there will be a folder for each 2013 workflow they will have guids for names I determined which was the right one based on the dates
    3. In that folder is a workflow.xaml file this is the actual workflow steps and contains a big nasty blob that looks like xml
    4. open the file in notepad
    5. copy everything to the clip board
    6. Start the best product Microsoft Ever Released (Sharepoint Designer 2007)
    7. Create a new xml file and paste all the stuff into code view
    8. rightclick in code view and choose reformat xml
    9. Now it looks nice
    10. At the top of the file you will see all your workflow variables listed including the _SharePoint ones that you can't get to in the UI (This is clearly an SPD bug although Microsoft will never admit it (I used to work for MS))
    11. they all start with <x:Property Name="__SharePoint 2010 Output: 
    12. find the rows you need to delete and carefully delete only that row
    13. When you are done save the .xml file again and rename it to .html in spd
    14. close the file and open it again in spd2k7 and right click in code view and click optimize html and check remove all whitespace
    15. now you have an ugly blob again
    16. copy all of it
    17. back to your xaml file in notepad select all and paste over it
    18. save the file in notepad back to the server
    19. restart spd
    20. problem solved

    Also I'd make a back up of that xaml file before you do all this.  Just in case.

    mercredi 21 octobre 2015 22:17
  • Thank you so much! This just saved my life!!
    mardi 26 avril 2016 20:40
  • You are so super awesome, Trey. I love your reply.

    It really help me.

    I also did it an easier way I though you might like.

    I open sharepoint 2010 designer checked out the file and revert back to a pervious version (before the issue) than open 2013 designer and published the workflow.

    Nice and neat !!!!

    vendredi 22 juillet 2016 12:37
  • I wanted to avoid installing other versions of SharePoint Designer to address this issue. Following Trey's instructions I navigated to the  ".xaml" file under the appropriate GUID. Made a backup of the file then edited the file directly through notepad. In my test I deleted the highlighted text and republished the workflow.

    I tested the workflow and it ran fine.

    mercredi 16 mai 2018 17:00