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  • Hi,

    I need some help about strange behavior after AD migration.

    I have 2 child domain in a forest.

    The goal of my migration was to move groups object from domainA to DomainB with ADMT. (functionlevel: 2003)

    I've a DFS too, that are hosted in domainA.

    The migration work well and no problem occurs during admt action. The groups are migrated, members, memnberof, right on ntfs data are OK.

    The only think that worry me is the domain description of group object when I edit security tab of DFS ressource, is still domainA.

    For exemple, if I edit security tabs of my DATA folders, I would like to see "group_name (DomainB\group_Name)" but I see "group_name (DomainA\group_Name)" .

    Why DomainA still appear? Is it problematic? If I suppress the group and re add it, so the good domain appear. 

    Another Strange think, when I edit security tab on Windows7 or 2008 of dfs ressource , for some migrated groups , user icon appear instead of group icon... But from XP computers, the same action show the good groups icon.

    Have you already meet thiskind of behaviour? How can I have a "clean" migration with right object information ntfs ressources.

    Thanks for your help.

    mercredi 6 juin 2012 14:42

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