Incorrect SharePoint 2013 Build Version after CU upgrade

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  • Few things you can check,

    Whats the version build number, if you check via powershell?
    1. Run below PS command


    2. Navigate to Central Admin ->system Settings->Manage servers in this farm->Check whether the Configuration database version is updated or not

    3. Check Central admin > Upgrade and migration > Check product and patch installation status-> make sure latest CU installed.

    4. See running this command

    Get-SPServer | Where{ $_.NeedsUpgrade -eq $true}

    Make sure missing binaries are installed.

    4. Check if running psconfig vis command helps, instead of wizard.

    -Ashok Yadala

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    jeudi 17 mai 2018 11:53
  • Hi Ashok,

    I already mentioned the output of the command and also by going to Manage servers in farm page I am getting the version as 15.0.5009.1000

    In product and patch installation status latest CU is installed.

    All the binaries are installed properly since the PSConfig wizard has successfully completed without issues.

    I have executed both the PSConfigUI.exe(i.e. wizard) and also the PSConfig.exe command through Powershell

    Best Regards,

    Vaibhav Antriwale

    jeudi 17 mai 2018 13:37
  • Hi,

    Please open Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features, check the version of the SharePoint server. Open Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features > View installed updates, which will list all the fixes installed on the box, verify the update patch lists there.

    Note: All servers in the farm must have the same updates.

    The possible cause of error "The expected version of the product was not found on the system":

    An article about the information of SharePoint build version, which may be helpful to you:

    Best regards,

    Linda Zhang

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    vendredi 18 mai 2018 01:59
  • Hello Linda,

    Thanks for the details. Please read the below points:

    1. The issue I am facing is on a single server farm.

    2. I installed the March 2018 CU patch and then executed PSConfigUI.exe(i.e. wizard) successfully completed.

    3. Executed the PSConfig.exe(powershell).

    4. Executed stsadm -o localupgradestatus command and got 0 components can be upgraded or needs upgrade.

    5. As per above concluded, CU upgrade successfully completed .

    6. Checked the version number at various locations

         a) (Get-SPFarm).BuildVersion

         b) Manage Servers in Farm

         c) Check Product and Patch Installation page(able to see latest CU with KB no.)

         d) Versions table in Config database and various Content Databases.

    Everywhere I am getting the version as 15.0.5009.1000. Only exception Check Product and Patch Installation page in central administration.  It shows Update for Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013 (KB4018302) 64-Bit Edition 15.0.5015.1002.

    My concern is not that it has not updated the version. My concern is that it is showing the version(15.0.5009.1000) which is not mentioned in any MS blog or article. I have tried to search this version number in different articles/ blogs and unable to find this version.

    Vaibhav Antriwale

    vendredi 18 mai 2018 08:47

  • Stefan explained some scenarios here not to compare config db number with patch level: ( could be, but not sure)

    Please check with him once in his blog!

    Hope it helps!

    Ashok Yadala | Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they helped

    vendredi 18 mai 2018 09:46