Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter = MIRACAST = Projection SMART TV win+P RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I use WIN+P for mirroring my screen on my smart TV samsung.

    When I use my PC surface pro 4 => all is good

    When I use my asus rog gl502vt => I can but the connection cut in 5 minutes (less and more)

    I try on 2 different TV samsung .. this is the same.

    So.. for me the mistake is the wifi card of my asus PC.

    When I connect my asus to smart tv (WIN+P) => I see this new connection : DIRECT-XXXXXXX and the card Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2 is actived.

    I go in propriety of this card and all other wifi card => disable case for save baterie => nothing change, I loose connection ASUS-SMART TV in 5 minutes.

    I think :

    ? 1) => my wifi card intel dual band wireless-ac 8260 is a shit or with bad configuration
      2) => the driver of Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter : 10.0.14393.0 21/06/2006 is not good
      3) => a thing want to do sleep this virtual card .. (maybe because I don't touch = stendby setting ?)
      4) => I use this WIN+P for mirroring videos, perhaps is too much (but with the pc surface it is

    The thing is, actualy with my asus, WIN+P is unusable (because 5 minutes is very quick).

    I would like try a other driver of Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter, what do you think ? Where can I find ?
    I am on win 10 64 bit, all driver and version windows is most recent...

    Actualy I am connected (asus-smat TV) and all is good (more of 5 minutes). 
    I think something in my asus want sleep my wifi when I don't touch my computer...

    Help PLZ, I have already seek everywhere on my computer and on internet.

    lundi 25 septembre 2017 20:45