Calendar not recognizing Regional Settings for user in another time zone.


  • I have a calendar in a 2016 SharePoint site.  The Default Time zone for the Web Application is Pacific Time (where most of our users, and the servers are).  The Regional Settings for the site the Calendar is in is set to Mountain Time. I have a user who is on the east coast.  His machine is set to Eastern Time.  His regional settings in his user profile is set to Eastern Time, and "Always use my personal settings" is ticked.  When we both go to the same calendar, the dates and times are identical.  I am in Mountain time too.  What could cause this?
    jeudi 17 mai 2018 20:47

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  • Hi,

    Each user can set their time zone in their profile (or you can set it directly via User Profile services).

    Open up the profile, switch to Language and Region settings and update the timezone. Now when they interact with the Calendars they show the appropriate times.

    They may have to change a setting to say to use their regional settings vs. admin specified before they can change the time zone. 

    Please make sure this user only change the time zone for himself.

    Please select the Only me for this user.

    Best Regards,

    Carl Zhou

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    vendredi 18 mai 2018 03:01
  • Those settings are already there.  Including the Only Me settings, they are identical.  I did even try changing the Timezone from Everyone to Only Me in case that's what you meant. Still no difference.
    vendredi 18 mai 2018 16:13