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  • I am in the process of setting up a DA server (which is working), and am documenting troubleshooting steps for IT.  One issue I am seeing is on the Client side - specific to when you want to collect the logs and email.

    I have the Group Policy setup with the DA connection name, and the email address the logs should go to.  However when I click the button - "Collect" - nothing happens.

    My understanding is that the default email program (In this case Outlook 2013) should open up, and attach the log files to an email message.  But nothing appears.

    I can advise that the log file is generated in the normal location (which I can advise IT to look for) but why is the email portion not working?

    I have tried setting the default "Mail" application that comes with Windows 10 as default, but it won't work either.

    mercredi 15 novembre 2017 15:53

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  • Unfortunately I don't have a direct fix for you, but I have also noticed this behavior on many of the newer Win10 systems I have worked with.

    I do have some alternatives, though. To be honest, the newer log files (starting with Win8) are not as helpful to diagnosing connections as the older log files from the Win7 DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant days. The information provided by the DCA is more useful in my opinion. My preference is to run my own script that runs many of the commands from DCA, and then since you own the script you can choose to drop the results wherever you would like. Here is a blog post I put together a long time ago describing the commands from the DCA and what each result should look like. Your own script should include some of these commands, but some (as stated in the descriptions) are not needed:

    Another alternative is to run the stand-alone DirectAccess Client Troubleshooting Tool, though this tool almost always throws false-negatives that you have to learn to ignore so that you don't chase down rabbit holes for no reason.

    Hope one of those helps!

    mardi 12 décembre 2017 14:52
  • I also see random behavior, that some W10 do nothing with Collect button. Any solution found for this? I doubt that this Tool Jordan mentioned, is only for Win7... I think it will not get installed on Win10... or am I wrong?

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  • This seem to be related to an access. I encourage people to start using reddit instead of this useless forum

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  •  I encourage people to start using reddit instead of this useless forum

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