FBA users not being able to add in site with FBA Authentication with LDAP Sharepoint 2013


  • I have to host my site on intranet and extranet so that the same Users can access the Site from Internet.
    To do that I have extended the Web application on Extranet Zone and did FBA authentication with LDAP Credentials. It is working fine now.

    I noticed that, SharePoint treats the FBA user and Windows users two separate entities, so for one user there are two accounts. While giving permission to FBA users in Site Groups, I can not see FBA USERS whereas I can see the FBA Users in Web Application User Policy section.

    How to give permission to FBA users to access the site ?

    Moreover, is there any way where we can create a security group of all FBA users and grant the permission directly.

    PS : I am new to AD, authentication and FBA permission.



    jeudi 17 mai 2018 13:33

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