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  • hello, 

    i'am using a script that permits me to parse a  CSExport Generated XML File Into A Scoped CSV. 

    I want only to get the users wich are connected to my connector space. 

    when i use $csObject.connector -eq "1", in the result csv file i have some users which are not connected and are not in the Metaverse ? 

    is there another attribut that permit me to export only connected users ? 


    vendredi 21 février 2014 13:56

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  • Hello,

    Normally this attribute works well.

    Try to use this attribute in our export file :

    <mv-link lineage-id="{ID}" lineage-type="provisioning-rules"

    If you have a link between the CS and MV, you have a lineage-type ="provisioning-rules",  ="projection-rules" or ="join-rules".

    A disconnected object doesn't have any link.


    vendredi 21 février 2014 14:22