FIM 2010R2 Reporting with SCSM 2012


  • Will FIM reporting work with SystemCenter Service Manager 2012 or it is only SCSM 2010.   I'm setting up a test lab, and trying to mirror our production setup but I can't get the reporting part to install on a SCSM 2012 DW.   The FIM report installer keeps looking for KB2561430 and will not continue.   If this is not supported are there plans in the future to support SCSM 2012 for reporting.  

    Currently the FIM Report installer is hard coded to look for KB2561430 on the SCSM DW.   Its not possible to install this hotfix on SCSM 2012 installation.

    Hotfix package 2561430 is available for System Center Service Manager 2010 Service Pack 1

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