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  • i  have 2 dc

    1 server20003 with exchange 2003 sp2 and all fmso on this server

    i join new server 2008 and install  exchange 2010

    and start the migrations of mail box

    ever thing work good !!

    2 server work good and replaction all the dc

    But !!!

    i want to trancfer   all the fmso  rules to new server

    at the 2003 server 

    in ad user ang group at  operation master i dont see the 2008 server , and not at  ad domain and trust mmc

    but i can to replcate btweem the server

    on domain site i see 2 server and i can to replaction

    at 2008 server in ad user and group at  operation master i see server2003 is the master of rid pds and infrastrure

    but at ad domian and trust i only see the 2003 server !!!! and i cant to change

    wha i can to do where is the problem


    שבת 18 אוגוסט 2012 22:48


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