Numerous SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER 2703 Error Messages Causing component to show as failed


  • I have a large SCCM environment with a single primary site located in Europe and clients as far away as Argentina and Korea (We use all the 1E products).

    I get numerous 2703 Errors under my SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER component which are always followed by the expected 2772, 2715 status messages

    As you can imagine numerous systems will be offline for periods of time while on the road so I expect there will be a need for DDR updates and inventory updates.

    My question is how can I stop these status messages from causing the SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER component to show in an error or failed state.

    I have looked at the status message rules but can't seem to put the right settings in to achieve this goal.

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

    Thank you very much.

    Victor Meyer
    יום ראשון 14 יוני 2009 11:58


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  • Isn’t Status message 2703 an indication of corrupt inventory or too big inventory files. This would mean that you are not get the correct data from your client and therefore it should be looked and corrected, instead of masking the problem.
    יום ראשון 14 יוני 2009 17:14
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  • Hi Garth,

    Thanks for looking into this thread. Much appreciated.

    I did some checking on those pc's posting bad mifs and the client has good inventory dates and there was hardware and software inventory in the DB.

    I had an issue a while ago with my SCCM DB size and the Microsoft  who assisted me with that said those could also be caused by network comms. over the long distance which is why I was hoping to change those messages from warnings to informational instead.

    It would just be nice to mask this one status ID so when the SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER component did show failed (which it does after x amount of warnings) it was something serious and not just those 2703 events.

    I saw another thread during my research and that engineer was reinstalling the agent every time. That seemed like a lot of work.
    What do you think?
    Victor Meyer
    יום ראשון 14 יוני 2009 19:56
  • I would force a full inventory of the affected client first. Use the Right click tools to do that.
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  • Getting these errors is unavoidable and they are always transient.

    I finally got the correct status filter rule to stop these events causing my status summarizers to go critical.

    Create a new status filter rule and ensure its linked at the top of your rule list.

    Message ID: 2703
    Action: Do not forward to status summarizers.

    This has greatly improved the accuracy of the site status.

    Victor Meyer
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  • 404 error on the link
    it is an eight year old post, however, if you search my blog you will find several examples on how to force a full hardware inventory.

    Garth Jones

    Blog: Old Blog:

    Twitter: @GarthMJ Book: System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed

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