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    סביבת העבודה באירגון EXCHANGE 2010 ובתחנות קצה מותקן OUTLOOK 2010.

    ב- GROUP POLICY הגדרתי הגדרות המתייחסות ל-Rss Feeds

    The GPO setting:

    User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Outlook 2010 > Account Setting > RSS Feeds

    Automatically download enclosures = disabled

    Default RSS Feeds = disabled

    Do not roam user's RSS Feeds = disable

    Download full text of articles as HTML attachments = Not configured

    Override published sync interval = enabled

    Run rules on RSS items = Not configured

    Synchronize Outlook RSS Feeds with common Feeds list = disabled

    Turn off RSS fearure = enable


    לאחר שינוי ההגדרות לא ניתן להעביר מייל לתקיה/pst ומקבלים הודעת שגיאה:

    "Cannot move items. The item cannot be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied."

    אשמח לעזרתכם.

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