MSExchange Web Services: event 6 RRS feed

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    כל פעם מופיע לי הevent הזה ביומן האירועים..מישהו יודע כיצד אפשר להיפתתר מזה ??

    notification for subscription [FQBleGNoMDEuY29ycC5yZ2UuY28uaWwQAAAAY4XXg4llyUOOX2v8ZHc8o+IGIFb6XdMI] againstendpoint [] couldn't be sent. (Send attempts: 9) Details: WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. Status: TrustFailure    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)

       at Microsoft.Exchange.Services.Core.NotificationServiceClient.HandleResponse(IAsyncResult responseAsyncResult)

    יום רביעי 06 אפריל 2016 12:45


  • Hi,

    1. Please verify that the Exchange & Root CA digital certificate didn't expired.

    2. Please verify that the server trust the root CA that was used to create the Exchange digital certificate.

    3. In case that you are using BlackBerry server please contact BlackBerry support.

    4. Exchange the Active Sync log and try figure who own the device (user_id=5017254?).

    The issue may occurred due no trust relationship with the root CA, old device settings in the ActiveSync/User Profile, compatibility issues, etc.

    Best Regards, Yuval Sinay LinkedIn:, Blog:

    • סומן כתשובה על-ידי niro_007 יום חמישי 07 אפריל 2016 10:43
    יום רביעי 06 אפריל 2016 22:22