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  • I have a winform tablet application written in C# and I need to open the  keyboard when  clicking on a text  box  my code for it works good but when I try to run the application without Administartor privileges it does not work. I also tried to run TabTip.exe  manually from the file explorer and it works when I do it as Administrator when I am not an Administrator it does nothing. Is there a way to show the virtual keyboard from a winform program without Administrator privileges.

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    יום רביעי 08 פברואר 2017 11:55

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  • Good day and welcome to MSDN forums,

    1. This is a Hebrew a forum. Please clarify if we can answer in Hebrew or if you need answer in English :-)

    2. We have a unique forum for C# (which I am moderator there by the way)

    Please use the right forum for the right question :-)

    * This is a very good question by the way, but you did not provide any code and since no one can read minds here (I assume) , then it is a bit hard to know the direction that might fit your app (using the classes that you used in your code).

    To clarify, I have no idea at this time what is the answer, and I cannot promiss that you wil get direct answer. As for me I do not develop special app that point only tablet (app that use the tablet special built-in features) but maybe the code will help to get the direction

    * Pls close this thread (mark a response as answer) and let's move to the C# forum (unfortunately there is not active moderator in this forum, so we cannot ask anyone to move the thread there, so we will start from scratch)


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