How to use Rich Text data type in InfoPath when data source is a web service


  • Hi,

    When the data source for retrieving data in an InfoPath for is a web service, then several properties of the fields coming from that web services are locked and cannot be modified by the person designing a form. So if I right click on a field and select properties, the data type property is locked. So I cannot see how I can make a string field to be editing using a Rich Text component, since I know it contains rich text. Also when I drop the field in the form and this is rendered as a text box, when I right click on it try to change the control it is not possible to change it to something like Rich Text editor.

    Any ideas?

    Dimitris Papadimitriou, Software Development Professional

    יום שישי 22 יוני 2012 14:42

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  • Hi ,

    I understand that when you create a list form or retrieving data for a web service  ,the text box cannot be changed to other data type .This option is greyed out .Event when the Data Type is available ,you can only change the data type to Whole number ,Decimal ,True or False ,Hyperlink ,Date, Time, Date and Time type .These are not rich text editor .But you can set the text box to display ‘Multi-Lines ’ .

    1. Change the property for the text box >Display .
    2. Check ‘Multi-Lines ’ .
    3. In this way ,the text box can have multiple lines .But it will not act like a rich text box . If you really want  a rich text box ,you can choose the rich text box instead .


    Entan Ming

    Entan Ming

    TechNet Community Support

    יום שני 25 יוני 2012 09:22
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  • Thanks for you reply but it does not help.

    If changing of Data Type was available then among the available values that you mentioned, there would have been the option of 'Rich Text (XHTML)'. I cannot select this since the whole thing is disabled (grayed out).

    You said the following: "If you really want  a rich text box ,you can choose the rich text box instead ." How can I do that? There is no toolbox with controls in the InfoPath designer.

    ps. I'm using InfoPath 2010

    Dimitris Papadimitriou, Software Development Professional

    יום שני 25 יוני 2012 11:45