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  • Hi!

    End Users  encountered a problem launching the chrome browser within RDP sessions on the server.

    Classic RDP deployment, with VHD profile disks. 

    What's weird is when  the users click the chrome exe  (directly on program files) - it's running just fine, but the shortcuts pointing to that executable  (neither on the public desktop or each individual user) do not.    furthermore, while chrome is set as the default browser to handle URL and HTML association, it does not run (not even a proccess...) when a the user triggers it (like clicking on a hyperlink etc).

    anyone else experienced the same?

    יום חמישי 10 דצמבר 2015 06:57

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  • Hi,

    Please provide additional information on the deployment model. Do you use RemoteAPP? WebApp? etc.

    Best Regards, Yuval Sinay LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuval14, Blog: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/yuval14

    יום שני 14 דצמבר 2015 20:29