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  • Hi all, any one face problem like that,

    I have a one site collection and I need to send document to different site collection document library.the one way of doing that is copy that url and select send to in the ribbon and past destination URL and send.but the problem was I have to copy and past the url each time its not a good solution.can any one please tel me how to do things like Workflow or info-path ..

    and I m in office 365 environment and have not Central admin rights.

    Thanks a lot any one can help me to do this.

    שבת 23 יוני 2012 05:59


  • Hi Pragiya,

    We can open these document libraries with Explorer, and copy the files just like copy files in our local driver.

    I would like suggest you to give a new thread to Office 365 forums to get more suggestions.

    In SharePoint 2010, (not sure if it is available to use in Office 365), we can deploy the Custom Workflow activities and use Copy List Item Extended Activity to copy a list items or files cross site. (Need admin right to deploy the project to server)

    Thanks & Regards,

    Emir Liu

    TechNet Community Support

    יום שלישי 26 יוני 2012 09:50

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