Processing EDI Claim Payment File


  • Hi,

    I am attempting to process a 4010 835 EDI file that contains multiple TRN segments by

    1) having the receive location pick it up

    2) the receive port contains an inbound map between the single X12_00401_835 schema and custom schema (structure below) to extract information from the EDI file 

    <TransactionRefId /> (Mapped to the TRN segment)
    <Date /> (Mapped to the TRN segment)
    <Payee /> (Mapped to the TRN segment)
    <PatientId />
    <PatientName />
    <AccountNumber />

    3) The EdiReceive pipeline then splits the EDI file on the TRN segment, so if there are 4 TRN segments in the file, then the EDI file is split into 4 files.

    4) My send port then picks up each of the mapped XML blocks and calls a stored procedure over the WCF-SQL adapter 4 or however many files the EDI file has been split into.

    My question is how can I process the EDI file so that I am just calling the stored procedure once?  I know that the mapping needs to be in place & run through the EdiReceive pipeline in order to get the data in the format of my custom schema above, so I am wondering if leveraging an orchestration to call the EdiReceive pipeline & split the file, then eseentially put the contents back together before calling the stored procedure?

    Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks

    יום שלישי 14 פברואר 2012 16:39

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  • Hi,

    If you wish to insert all the TRN segment at once using the WCF-SQL adapter , then there is no point in debatching them at the receive side and then batching them for sending it to WCF-SQL.

    HTH Please mark as answer if this solved the issue.Thanks

    יום שלישי 14 פברואר 2012 17:09
  • Thanks for replying.  Instead of debatching the file in the receive pipeline, how would i get the file mapped and processed to match the XML format above before sending to the stored procedure?

    יום שלישי 14 פברואר 2012 18:10