Open, edit and save spreadsheet in searchcenter does not work


  • Hi,

    i have following problem.

    When i open an excel spreadsheet from the doclib directly a popup prompts me if i want to open the document in read only mode or if i want to edit the spreadsheet. When i open the file in read only mode a yellow information bar is displayed with a button where i can edit the workbook. This works fine. I can store the file as expected.

    When I open the spreadsheet in a sharepoint search center the yellow information bar is missing. I can not store the file because the dialog tells me that the file is already existing. I can only save a copy of the document. How can i force the information bar to be displayed every time when i open a document out of a search center?

    Any ideas?

    kind regards


    • נערך על-ידי gojo119 יום שני 26 מרץ 2012 14:17
    יום שני 26 מרץ 2012 14:17

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