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  • Hi,

    I wrote a word document, and I saved the document on the computer somewhere.
    since then, I updated the file, and after I finished, I didn't save again,
    I left the file open and I closed the laptop(not shut down, only close)
    since then, every time when I opened the laptop again, I see the file open with the last changes.
    yesterday, I opened the file,
    and I don't see all the changes of all the last days!

    what can i do?
    where can I find the file updated?

    please, help me!
    this is very important file.
    I lost a lot of changes!


    • שינה את הסוג Eran Sharvit יום שישי 09 דצמבר 2011 13:37 unsupported
    יום חמישי 01 דצמבר 2011 08:26

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  • hi,

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    you can easily ask questions in english in the US TechNet forums, or ask a question in Hebrew.



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