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  • Israeli SQL Server User Group Meeting #112


    NOTE: Please register for the event in order for Microsoft to arrange enough parking and enough food at: (Yes… we have a new registration system)


    When:         Monday, November 7<sup>th</sup>, 2011


    Where:        Dekel Hall, Microsoft Offices, Hapnina 2 St., Raa’nana



    ·       17:30 - 17:45     Gathering

    ·       17:45 - 18:45     First Session

    ·       18:45 - 19:00     Q&A

    ·       19:00 - 19:15     Break

    ·       19:15 - 20:15     Second Session




    1. What’s New in SQL Server 2012 – Part II (Shy Engelberg, Madeira)

    With SQL Server 2012, AKA "Denali", announced to be released in the first half of 2012, It's time to learn the new possibilities and capabilities the new version has to offer. In part 2 of this session, we'll discuss some new and improved T-SQL commands. Paging results, getting to the previous and next row, analytical functions and the improved OVER clause. We'll discuss the performance of the new commands and compare them to the ways we do it now.

    2. DBCC Documented and Undocumented; Useful or Un-Useful?

    (Dubi Lebel, Logic)

    There are a lot of undocumented DBCC in SQL Server, some of them for developer debugging, other for testing, small set are for Support engineers but... Many of them could be useful for DBAs and many of them are dangerous… in part 1- 'the introduction' we will try to answer: how to find those DBCCs? How to find minimal official documented and how to use them? Part 2-'when and what undocumented should I use' will deal with DBCC that can help us like the DBCC CORRUPT(dbname|dbid)


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    Ami Levin, SQL Server MVP. CTO, DBSophic LTD. - --Performance is the most significant driver in maintaining data and service availability.--
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