Certificate prompt since upgrading Windows 10 PCs could by Skype for Business


  • We have Windows 10 workstations and we use O365 with Skype.  Our Skype for Business 2015 environment is on premise.

    We have been upgrading our Windows 10 builds to later versions and now get a certificate prompt, previous Windows 10 builds are ok.

    Windows 10 Build 1511 = ok

    Windows 10 Build 1607 = ok

    Windows 10 Build 1703 = Cert prompt

    Windows 10 Build 1709 = Cert prompt

    We built a fresh Windows 10 Build 1709 workstation and logged into the WiFi and all was good.  Then opened Skype and got this below which drops the WiFi until you choose the top cert ( which is my UPN).

    Choosing doesn't work, only the top cert prompt will work.  If we were to never open Skype it will be fine.  As soon as we open Skype once and on the next reboot don't open Skype this prompt happens.

    If we uninstall Skype the cert error goes.

    So if I remove the Communications Server certificate and the issue goes, but when I Skype I think or the GPO kicks (not sure if there is on for this) the Communications Server certificate gets installed and we get this pop up again.  

    It's stopping us upgrading to later version of Windows 10 and install the latest cumulative updates as something has changed.

    So no Skype then all is good, seems to conflict with choosing which cert to use.

    The Skype for Business client is 2016 MSO (16.0.9226.2114) 64bit.

    Please help.


    יום חמישי 17 מאי 2018 14:56