2 DDR created with same computer name


  • Hi,

    During OSD I have an issue cause I use 2 TS. One is done by OEM manufacturer with provisioned TS and he other on my location (workgroup client). The issue is when client does the second task sequence and is joined to domain, there are 2 records created.

    One with workgroup computer and one with domain computer. This situation can't let me to deploy application then...

    I need to know how to force my computer to send heartbit to avoid this situation.

    To test it I just take one good SCCM client and delete him from the console. If I launch data collection cycle on this computer, I can't see him on the console. What I have to do to see him again ?

    If my active computer is workgroup computer both record can't be merged. If my active computer if domaine computer, they can be merged. I need to force an update to this section but don't know how to do...

    What I need is my option domain : workgroup be updated as "domaine.local" then my 2 computer can be merged.

    Merci de marquer comme reponses les interventions qui vous ont ete utile.

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