Call remote machine .bat file from SCCM

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  • ok, i will bite, why do you need to call it remotely? why don't you include the batch as source file and run it normally?

    Garth Jones

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    יום שישי 20 אפריל 2018 10:49
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  • I concur with Garth's recommendation.

    If for some reason you must call it from this remote, non-DP location though, simply create a package with no source files and in the command-line of the program, enter the UNC to the batch file; e.g., \\toscamachine\share\batchfile.bat.

    If you are calling the batch file using admin privileges in ConfigMgr this actually uses the local System account which in turn uses the computer's AD account for network authentication and authorization and thus you either need to add each computer account to the permissions of the UNC or you need to add the built-in Domain Computers security group.

    Remember that both NTFS and share permissions must be accounted for although the general best path is to only use Everyone or Authenticated Users for the share permissions setting one of those to Full Control or Read Only and using NTFS permissions to apply more granular control.

    Jason | | @jasonsandys

    יום שישי 20 אפריל 2018 13:12
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