Please Help!! SharePoint List Customization Question


  • I am currently building an inventory solution for my job. I have 2 seperate lists.

    1 List is the Available Inventory which has the current in stock inventory in it. This list can have multiple FRU Numbers (Part Number) so there could be a total of 7 items with the same FRU number which is fine.

    I am trying to get the totals to show up on another list called Inventory Report. I need to somehow query the availible inventory list and ask it how many items with this (FRU) number do you have. Return myself a Count and then display in the other list. 

    I have not found anyone that knows how to do this. I really hope someone knows on here.

    Please see attached since they explain better.

    יום רביעי 20 יוני 2012 19:18


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