Cannot create new test plan in Test Manager RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to create test plan for a certain project and I was getting the message "You do not have the appropriate permissions to manage test configrations, test settings, test variables, or test resolution states in this team project"

    I've contacted the adminstration to add the required permissions, now I got "You do not have the appropriate permissions to manage test plans under this area path."

    so what is the required persmissions I should have to manage, add, delete test plans, also the permissions required to change the statuses of any test case to pass or fail. 

    יום שלישי 12 ינואר 2021 20:38

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  • Good day Demah

    I was getting the message

    Who gave you the message?!? where did you saw it?!? What are you working with?!?

    Please remember that we cannot read minds and we have no idea what technologies or product or developing language you are using.

    Your question is useless as it is. Moreover this forum's name is "Off-topic" which should tell you something.

    I recommend you to ask the question in the relevant forum which deal with the product/technologies/language which your issue related to.

    If you need more help in finding the best forum then we will need to get the missing information to make the relation between the product/technologies/language and your question

    Have a great day

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