reportees not getting updated with manager email


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    Whenever the manager email changes , the reportees of that manager does not get this updated email.When I run a full synch or if there are any updates for the reportees then only the manager email is getting updated.Should not this happen automatically on refrential updates step? What should be done now other than running full synch?

    יום חמישי 16 פברואר 2012 11:56

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  • Can someone throw some light on this pls?
    יום שני 20 פברואר 2012 05:13
  • How are you getting the manager's email into the user's MV entry? Something in an advanced flow? This may be a case where you have to do a full sync to reapply whatever you are doing after the email change.

    Frank C. Drewes III - Senior Consultant: Oxford Computer Group

    יום ראשון 11 מרץ 2012 09:30
  • yes it is advanced flow.But i am expect this change to happen while referential updates.Then what happens in referential updates

    Is there any fix other than full sync ?

    יום שלישי 13 מרץ 2012 12:44
  • The referential update is between items in the CS where there is a reference attribute. You're stuck doing a full sync (I had this exact scenario)

    The best way to deal with this is to have the relationship calculated outside of FIM ( in a SQL view) and import the results rather than trying to compute the results. This was my solution. Much less complexity and much faster on the FIM side.

    Frank C. Drewes III - Senior Consultant: Oxford Computer Group

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