how to customize the profile for remote users in active directory 2008 ? RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I need help with setting\custiomize a users profile to be the same for all ,

    There is only one application installed in my server (windows 2008 R2) and everyone have the same shourtcut to this only application

    In this application there is one time Configuration (putting a url ,and select 1 of 3 options)

    I want that this application will be set (configured) for all the users(current and new one) that login to this TS, So its can save the first time configuration (save us important time since its production envirement)

    Thanks in advance,


    יום חמישי 15 דצמבר 2011 08:22

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    קודם כל תבדוק איפה ההגדרות נשמרות - אם זה במקום מסויים ב registry ואם כן אז איזה מקום, או בתוך קובץ INI כלשהו.


    בהתאם לזה אפשר למצוא את הפתרון המתאים.





    Yizhar Hurwitz
    יום חמישי 15 דצמבר 2011 20:29
  • Hi,
    Login with some user and configure the application or customize the profile as you wish.
    Then logoff, the replace the folder c:\users\default with the folder of the customized user's profile (if you don't see "Default" folder, you have to enable the "Show hidden files..." option).
    I hope that was helpful for you.
    יום חמישי 15 דצמבר 2011 20:32