Certain Dell system takes hours to image after updating boot image


  • I updated our boot image with the winpe 3.0 and now if I try to image a Dell Optiplex 5250 AIO, it will takes hours to image. It usually gets hung up on setting up device drivers. This was working perfectly fine before I updated our boot image. Other systems are fine and the issue happens with multiple task sequences, but the same 5250 AIO. I tried updating the 5250 driver package but this did not help. I also updated both the x86 and x64 bit boot images and tried updating them in a different order, but no luck. My last attempt was to start disabling certain drivers in the 5250 driver package, like all USB drivers but this changed nothing. I've had this issue with other dell systems in the past, but the issue seems to go away and I've never had a clear understanding on why this happens. Any ideas?
    יום שלישי 05 יוני 2018 22:45

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  • > "winpe 3.0"

    WinPE 3.0 is the equivalent of Windows XP so I heavily doubt that's what you did.

    What version of ConfigMgr are you using (this is a 2007 forum btw)?

    What ADK version do you have loaded on your site server?

    What OS version are you deploying?

    Jason | | @jasonsandys

    יום רביעי 06 יוני 2018 00:02
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  • I loaded Winpe 3.0 via driver packages on Dell site such as:

    We are running an old version: ConfigMgr 2007 4.00.6487.2000


    Deploying: Win7 x86

    יום רביעי 06 יוני 2018 01:22
  • OK wow.

    Do you know that ConfigMgr 2007 is a 10+-year-old product that is almost end of life?

    Ultimately though, for device driver specific support, you really need to work with Dell. They have their own forums at

    Jason | | @jasonsandys

    יום רביעי 06 יוני 2018 02:45
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  • Yeah I am well aware. I have been fighting to upgrade for a number of years. We will eventually be moving to something once we migrate to Windows 10. I don't think it will even be SCCM anymore.

    I posted here as I had a feeling it wasn't driver related even though all signs seem to point that way. Thanks for your help!

    יום רביעי 06 יוני 2018 12:36