Using IPSEC policy Block not join system access a server


  • Hi every One 

    I want to ban system not Join to access File Server By Ipsec Policy even by enter user and password , in Order to in create two policy  , one of the required Ipsec and apply to Only on  file Server  and other is request Ipsec that apply on  Domain Controller and all servers and clients but after policy apply none of then servers and clients can not access to file server and when I run gpudate /force on file server on receive this error    

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    יום ראשון 15 אפריל 2018 16:45


  • Hi every one

    My problem resolve by Ipsec policy. I have mistaken in my policy that not specify port . we must use tcp and UDP 445

    If someone need to know it exactly i can explain it  step by step   

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