PXE boot aborted. Booting to next device...

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    I'm trying to deploy OS (windows 7, captured image) on bare metal device. But device shows me such error.

    Client mac addr:xxxx

    guid: xxxx client ip: xxxx

    Mask xxxx

    dhcp ip: xxxx

    gateway ip: xxxx

    Downloaded WDSNBP from <sccm server ip>

    Architecture: x64

    the details below show the infrormation relating to the PXE boot request for this computer. Please provide these details to your wds administrator so that this request can be approved.

    pending request: xx

    Message from administrato:

    configuration manager is looking for policy.

    connecting server: <sccm server ip>

    pxe boot aborted. booting to next device

    pxe-mof: exiting intel pxe rom

    operating system not found


    this is so confusing. how can i fix this issue?

    יום שלישי 26 יוני 2018 15:17

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