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  • we are going to use a SQL2008R2 server for sccm 2007 SP2+R3. In pre-requisite check it says:

    The SQL Server name specified is configured for SQL authentication security. It is recommended to configure the SQL Server to operate only in Windows authentication before continuing Configuration Manager Setup.

    The SQL server is indeed configured using "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode" for Server authentication. In addition, the logon account that used to install sccm has been added to the sysadmin role in the SQL server.

    Can I ignor this warning and go ahead?

    Thanks in advance.

    יום שלישי 23 נובמבר 2010 02:48


  • It's not recommended to put other databases on the server that is hosting the SQL database for ConfigMgr. Security best practise is using windows authentication.
    • הוצע כתשובה על-ידי Bechir Gharbi יום שלישי 23 נובמבר 2010 09:15
    • סומן כתשובה על-ידי Eric Zhang CHN יום שישי 03 דצמבר 2010 08:08
    יום שלישי 23 נובמבר 2010 08:19
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