Takes too long time to connect to a server with Administrator user RRS feed

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  • Hi

    When I try to connect with an administrator user, it gets stuck on Applying group policy

    power options policy for about 10 minutes until it connect to the server.

    I tried lots of things and nothing worked.
    Is it possible to cancel it?

    יום שלישי 06 אוגוסט 2019 09:48

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  • Hi,

    what kind of things have you tried out so far ?

    Did you check the settings of the 'Power Options'-Policy which needs up to 10 minutes ? For a Test - did you disable this GPO or unlink it from your target server ?

    Further how is your / the targets system´s network connection (ping -> reply time ?) / resource monitor -> network connections ?

    regards, pat

    יום חמישי 08 אוגוסט 2019 07:41