Deploy Lync Resiliency pool to an existing Lync standard deployment RRS feed

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  • Hello Everyone

    I’m trying to deploy Lync resiliency option by deploying another pool to be a backup pool to my current Lync server on another server for backup

    Will this be applicable to my system which is already have deployed with standard Lync , enterprise pool and default sql which is built in in Lync forefront end ?

    And of course how ?

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  • Hi,

    What is the Lync version that you have?

    You can configure a second standard servers as a backup registrar, but there are some features not available for the users connected to backup registrar.

    Its not recommended to deploy backup registrar with different Lync server edition.

    In Lync there are few options for HA/DR

    High Availability & Resiliency

    Pool Failover

    Data Center voice Resiliency

    Metro Data Center



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