Outook Prompting for password


  • Im a bit angry with Microsoft at the moment but here goes,

    I've been using Microsoft's email product ever since they bought MS-Mail from network courier, and IMO things have progressively gone downhill.

    Why is it that outlook no matter what continues to prompt for a password at every stage it can? even though your have clicked the "remember password button"?

    It's like it has amnesia, I've had to disable dual factor authentication as having to enter the application password was laborious! 

    if i run cmdkey i can see that my password is being saved, but still it prompts whenever there's a glitch with a connection to the office365 servers?

    Does anyone know of an app that could enter the password automatically or know any secret switch to actually get the remember password button to work?  (or is Microsoft saving this for an Outlook 2020 feature?

    Sabtu, 14 Juli 2018 09.56