Designing interface for accessing mutiple site collections


  • I've been learning the basics of SharePoint 2010 (Foundation) and need help understanding how multiple site collections can be accessed by various users with simplicity.  We are in the process of designing a corporate intranet (site collection) as well as departmental units (individual site collections) for use across the company (approx 500 users).  What I would like to have is a company portal that links users to these various site collections.  It would be easy if I wanted to create a company portal with various sites and sub-sites; however, from a managing standpoint I understand how problematic and this approach can be to manage.

    I'm sure there's a fairly simplistic understanding to what I'm trying to accomplish but unfortunately, I've not been able to come up with an answer on my own.  Here's what I'm suggesting:

    Company Home Page with the various site collections accessible:

    • Intranet Site Collection (generic information and resources for all associates sharing same permissions)
    • Individual Business Site Collections (HR, Finance, IT, Legal, Operations, Sales/Marketing)

    We will most likely add more as time goes on.

    Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

    14 Juni 2012 20:52


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