User Profile Hive Cleanup Service for XP SP3?


  • To the Microsoft  Windows XP SP3 Builders:

    I strongly recommend that you include this service in SP3.

    Why you may say? Good Question! Way back in the good ole days of  Windows 2000/ XP days there was a discovery by

    Microsoft Technicians that there was a problem with the hive "Registry" not closing properly because of programs from

    Microsoft and others that was causing the registry to stay open/ not save when the user went to shut down Windows 2000/

    XP! Because of this problem, Microsoft "You" created a small service program that properly closed programs and allowed the

    registry to save properly! I've been using it ever since this service was released. I strongly suggest to include this service

    in SP3! This program from you all will greatly help people when installing SP3! The service is called "User Profile Hive Cleanup

    Service". You all are doing a great job with SP3!
    19 Januari 2008 22:34


  • I just see it as "Geez, more services?"

    Is there a reason that winlogon/csrss/lsass/whatever can't already do that without the need for a new service or driver?

    20 Januari 2008 1:37

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  • I just see it as "Geez, more services?"

    Is there a reason that winlogon/csrss/lsass/whatever can't already do that without the need for a new service or driver?

    20 Januari 2008 1:37
  • Hi  redxii,

    To your answer  it is "No". This service uses very little memory and helps protect the registry from corruption from not closing properly. Helps with controlling opening and closing programs. It is a very important service to use!
    20 Januari 2008 4:29
  • I'm not in the habit of resurrecting old posts, so for that I apologize. However, I was about to make a new topic recommending this same thing, and a quick search turned up this one.


    In almost 3 years as a PC tech for a medium-sized college campus, the most commonly applied "fix" was the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. We worked with several hundred machines running either Win2K SP4 or WinXP SP2, and both of them have serious issues that this service either corrects or reduces.


    The service has been integrated into Vista and Server 2008. However, there is no good reason that this service has not already been released as a CRITICAL update to Windows XP. To my knowledge, it hasn't been released via Windows Update at all, and it certainly should have been. We didn't even use roaming profiles, and profile issues were still among the most common problems we faced. I run it on my own PC, and it's the first patch I install on any PC I'm tasked to set up or service.


    I realize that it may be too late for anything to be added to SP3, but it certainly should be there. If that isn't possible, perhaps some attention could at least be given to releasing it via automatic updates.

    18 Maret 2008 14:45
  • I first discovered UPHClean when I was trying to "fix" a 2003 Terminal Server that crashed from lack of memory resources on a regular basis. The biggest problem was a ton of uncertified print drivers that had been installed and when users logged off their profiles could not be unloaded properly leading to memory leaks that eventually crashed the server. Installing UPHClean made a huge difference. The event log showed UPHClean was forcing the user's profile to be closed shortly after they logged off.


    When I noticed similar logoff issues on my XP SP2 workstations I starting installing UPHClean on all workstations and servers. Now all workstations stay on 24/7 and are only restarted after an update that requires a reboot.


    A typical event log entry: "Windows saved user <domain\username> registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed."


    Immediately after that entry is one from UPHClean: "The following handles in user profile hive <domain\username> have been remapped because they were preventing the profile from unloading successfully: <list of handles from HKCU>."

    18 Juli 2008 14:20
  • I agree about its importance. For anyone who doesn't know, UPH 2.0 has been in beta for a while. Download here:



    Technet blog here:



    19 Juli 2008 4:07