Twice open profiles


  • We have some users that wanted to test our terminal servers from their already domain joined PCs.

    All folders and profiles are redirected for the users.

    So the user logs into the desktop computer (Windows 7 ), their redirected folders load and obviously the profile too.  There are desktop shortcuts on the user desktop that are controlled by the group policy.

    The user then logs into the Terminal server (Server 2016) the same folders are redirected to this RDP session and profile.

    Users now report that the desktop on the RDP session flickers a lot meaning the desktop icons flicker or refresh a lot which is annoying for them.

    My answer:

    I thought this could be because the profile and redirected folders are open in two different locations at the same time.  Am I right or partly right or could there by another reason for this?

    Kamis, 14 Juni 2018 13.31

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