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    Do you mean that you want to know about the properties of a Content Query Web Part (CQWP)?

    You can first add a CQWP on a page .Then choose Edit Web Part to modify the properties .

    1. The first part is the Source .You can choose to display items form all sites in this site collection .Then choose the list type and content type to display specific items  .You can also choose to show items from a specific list .
    2. Under the Audience Targeting part ,you can choose whether to use audience targeting .You can set the targeting under the Advanced tag .
    3. Under the Presentation tag ,you can add group by and sort by conditions .You can also limit the items to display .
    4. Under the Field to display you can set the Link and Image ,Title and Description .The default Title will be the Title column .The link will be the URL Path column .

    For more information about CQWP ,please refer to this site:

    What’s New with the Content Query Web Part:


    Entan Ming

    TechNet Community Support

    04 Mei 2012 3:21