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  • Hi all,

    Currently we're on trial to deploy forefront endpoint antivirus using SCCM 2007. There are few terms that i don't quite understand and hoping someone could help me with :)

    1. Let say we have only 1 primary SCCM site with SUP role, and we would like to automatically download ANYTHING affect to forefront server and forefront endpoint antivirus on client PC(the software itself & virus definition, but not tools). Which classification and product should we choose? 

    By this time, we have Critical Updates, Definition Updates, Security Updates and Updates checked, and for product we have Forefront Client Security and Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 checked

    2. Is there any log i can refer to check whether the definition updates is success/not at client/server side?

    3. Where is the location of quarantined virus stored (at the client PC and server?)

    4. I found that if FEP package is not up to date, the deployment advertisement will fail, i need to right click on the package and update the DP, any configuration that i can set
    to schedule the update periodically?

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