MSTSC connection to RDS 2016 Session hosts


  • I am trying to setup a RDS 2016 environment.  It will be HA so 2 servers in the perimeter with RD Gateway and RD Web, 2 servers internally for the connection broker in a HA state and 2 servers internally for session hosts with only the session host role installed.  

    RD gateway and Web (RemoteAPP) seem fine.  My issue is connecting (mstsc) to the session host where the applications live.  I have created a firewall rule for port 3389 to direct it to the hardware load balancer with the 2 connection brokers as members.   Which I believe is required for remoteapps.   

    Both session hosts are assigned to the only collection created.  I thought the connection broker would pass the RDP connection to the session hosts but the RDP session is directly to the connection broker.  

    I want users to be able to use RDP (mstsc) to connect to a remote desktop experience on the session hosts. 

    How do I connect via RD client to the session hosts in this setup?

    Thanks in advance for feedback,


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